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Colon Hydrotherapy: Hydrate, Activate & Evacuate!!!


Our mission at Hamri’s/AnointedTouch Health and Wellness is to provide our clients a safe, friendly and clean environment, while using the highest quality of colon hydrotherapy equipment in order to hydrate, activate and evacuate the contents of the colon.  Please note that this is a person centered wellness center, meaning that you will always see the same therapist for every session(s) of all your services, unlike other big centers/clinics where you might see different therapists for your visits!!!  Our Wellness Center is also unique in that we have the most current newest devices of both Open and Closed systems that are FDA registered. In addition, your therapist HAMRI is currently the ONLY National Board Credentialed Colon Hydrotherapist and Instructor in the State of KY!!! Learn about the difference here


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Please note: ALWAYS check the I-ACT referral page to make sure your therapist is Certified and reputable.

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