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Topics Covered Include:

  • History, Theory and Practice of Colon Hydrotherapy including a detailed look at the theory of “Autointoxication”
  • Anatomy & Physiology Review with focus on the Digestive System
  • Diseases of the Digestive System
  • Functional Disorders of the Digestive System
  • Contraindications and Indications for Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Overview of the International Association of Colon Therapists’ bylaws and standard operating procedure
  • How to remain in compliance with the laws in your province or state
  • Health & Sanitation with a focus on infection control procedures

Preparation for Establishing and Running your Practice Include:

  • Legal business structures & business relationships
  • Advertising & promotion
  • Office procedures & policies
  • Cash management & budgeting
  • Client management software and scheduling & confirming appointments
  • Complimentary modalities: Essential Oils and Massage Therapy…..


  • Thorough explanation of the intake form / how to screen the client for contraindications / conduct a pre-session interview / intake
  • Thorough explanation / walk-through of how to use the colon hydrotherapy machine and how to deliver a treatment
  • Hands-on opportunity to give several treatments under the supervision of a colon hydrotherapy instructor
  • Equipment set-up and equipment cleaning
  • Equipment maintenance


  • Practical exam (you will be observed by an instructor while you conduct the intake interview, explain the procedure to the client and obtain consent to deliver the treatment, deliver post-colonic care to the client, clean the colon hydrotherapy equipment, and ensure cleanliness of the facility)
  • Written examination (multiple-choice)
  • 15 Minute Presentation (you will deliver a presentation to the class and instructor demonstrating your understanding and knowledge of the digestive system)
  • On your first day of classes: A passing grade (70% or higher) on an Anatomy & Physiology Pre-Test (multiple-choice)